About Us

Who we are?

Algamar is a Company dedicated to harvesting and processing of seaweed (Macroscystis Pyrifera as well known as Giant Kelp). We have our own technological developments, always offering new and functional products for our end users. We extract from the kelp the most important, natural and special components. We are focused on products for agriculture, aquaculture, pets and human consumption like biomedic and cosmetics.

Quality Policy

The fundamental principles of Algas Marinas S.A. de C.V are: quality above all, service and total customer satisfaction. Our growth depends on continued dedication to these principles. Quality includes each and every one of the business environments, from the search for supplies to the final destination of the product, so our goal is to achieve 100% satisfaction of our customers with the timely fulfillment of the following objectives:

The customer defines the quality requirements for their specific use and together we specify measurable quality standards.
All our raw materials have established quality standards and each supplier must comply with them.
Relations with our customers and suppliers are characterized by cooperation and open communication.
Periodically review this Policy to ensure its effectiveness and suitability.

The responsibility for the implementation of this Policy includes all personnel and at all levels according to their authority, responsibility and job position, being observance and compliance for all personnel.


Mission & Vision


Offer a wide variety of specialized seaweed products from its harvest and process, for the agriculture, aquaculture, animal consumption and cosmetology sectors, always using top quality raw materials and guaranteeing the professional competence of our staff in the processes.


Increase our national and international presence by implementing new disruptive products, maintaining the prestige and positioning of our company in different industries. Focused in manufacturing with our own technological research and development, always seeking the best customer service and attention, as well as continued improvement in all areas of our processes and human capital.

Dedicated to harvesting and processing of seaweed
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