Also known as giant kelp or giant sargassum. Translucent yellow-brown algae. It grows like a tree, from the ground to the surface and continues to grow, its branches grow from the bottom up and consist of a float for each frond, these filled with CO2, which keeps it moving towards the surface. Highly mucilaginous, with a lot of alginate; this helps it to re-hydrate or come into contact with any wet surface, it quickly regains its shape and texture, providing traces of its properties on whatever it touches.


  • Omega-3 and Omega-6.
  • Very high in vitamins E and A, high in vitamin B, D, and C.
  • Flavor: mild, salty. Plant flavor, like purslane.
  • Uses: in mixology, as seasoning, condiment or salt (in flakes or powder), cured, cured meats, snacks, salads, among others.
  • Seaweed cultivated and harvested directly from the coasts of Baja California Mexico.
Bag 50 gr

Bag 50 gr

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