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Cleansing gel

Whether you wear make-up or not, you should cleanse your skin at night, because throughout the day the face accumulates dirt and natural secretions, which form a layer that, if not removed, prevents the pores from breathing properly. In the morning, to eliminate grease, perspiration and residues of night creams or before a professional treatment in the salon.

Apply the cleansing cream to face and neck, massaging in a circular motion with fingertips and remove excess with a damp cotton pad.

The cleansing gel is not only limited to removing dirt and make-up, but also has a nourishing and moisturizing action because it contains vitamins and herbal complexes that respect the balance of the skin’s hydrolipidic layer.


  • It not only removes dirt and makeup.
  • Nourishing and moisturizing action.
  • Vitamins and herbal complexes.
  • Balances the skin’s hydriolipidic layer.
Bottle 250 gr

Bottle 250 gr

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